Our Services

Our services includes the following principal areas :
  • Merchandising studies, categories evaluation (products, productors, prices, packing) probes with consumers, size merchandising estimation, evaluation of distribution systems. 
  • Preinversion studies, to proporcionate to the interested inversionists, clear analisys about industrial and agroinductrial determined projects, that allow to take desicions about continue or suspend these projects. 
  • Studies of feasibility and Banking investment (purchases, sales, mergers ...) for agribussiness projects principally that have exceeded the previous stage. 
  • Designs of industrial and agroindustrial plants, determination of necessary equipments, preparation of specifications to invite to quote several manufacturers under clear and pre-established conditions. 
  • Improvement of industrial and agroindustrial processes, in punctual or continous works. 
  • Training programs in managing, storage, process and quality control of grains. 
  • Preparation of complete designs of mechanical, civil and electrical facilities of agroindustrial projects. 
  • Evaluation after the crop of new varieties of seeds of grain (rice, corn), before its throwing on the commercial market. 
  • Interventoría of design and assembly of industrial and agroindustrial plants. 
  • Commercial contacts in the exterior: in the development of our activity we have established, in the tropical countries of America, commercial links with storage companies, industrial and Food distributor companies with whom we can propose diverse types of strategic alliances. 
  • Equipments supply of laboratory for quality control of all kinds of grains incluiding coffee. 
  • Design of complete laboratories 
  • Organization of groups for assistance to events and specializing fairs and for visits to industries, productive systems, new technologies, etc. 


Ediagro has made works in the most part of the tropical countries of America:
  • México (2 projects) 
  • Guatemala (more than 15 projects) 
  • Salvador (3 projects) 
  • Honduras (more than 15 projects) 
  • Costa Rica (5 projects) 
  • Nicaragua (4 projects) 
  • Panamá (more than 10 projects) 
  • Haití (1 projects) 
  • República Dominicana (3 projects) 
  • Venezuela (más de 20 projects) 
  • Ecuador (more than 10 projects) 
  • Perú (3 projects) 
  • Bolivia (5 projects) 
  • In Colombia, we've participed in more than 900 projects. 
We have been employed, in addition, in 2 projects in Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia) and 2 projects in Africa (Uganda).


We are registered as consultants in the Camara de Comercio de Bogota (inscription Number 6249) in diverse areas related to the mentioned works. Our maximum capacity of contracting is 7.473 SMMLV, which are equivalent to approximately US$ 812.000.